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Almost Got Scammed at Ebay!

I just want to share this to anyone who is an Ebay user and/or those who actually are bidding and buying items on eBay.

I wrote the whole post (Ebay Scam) on my other blog – I am Root – Blog but basically, what happened was:

  • Our camcorder was stolen.
  • Search the same item on ebay
  • Bid on an item
  • (got outbidded.. :)
  • since I still got 4 more days, I let it go… will super bid on the last few minutes…
  • Got an email from someone claiming that he’s the seller and asking my last price (he said we can negotiate the price)
  • Ignored the email
  • Got another email the next day from someone else. Again claiming that he’s the seller. Again asking my best bid.
  • Send an email to the real seller, he said the email is a fake!

So guys, please beware of this latest scam that is (probably) spreading on eBay… hmm… I wonder if the management of Ebay knows about this?

2 Responses to “Almost Got Scammed at Ebay!”

  1. paulette says:

    Thanks for the info. Such scam is too prevalent in the internet nowadays.

  2. EntrepreNars says:

    Did they email you outside eBay? As an eBay seller for two years, my suggestion is not to transact outside eBay. You did the right thing contacting the seller directly.

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