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My First Ever Laptop: A NEO Empriva 540SVBe

Bought my very first ever laptop the day after Sean was born… Another one of my spur of the moment thing.

Yep, I did bought a NEO Empriva 540SVBe laptop (with 1 GB computer memory, I thought it’s just 512MB) yesterday but it was totally not planned and not even discussed with the missus! It really was another incident of impulsive buying habit of Eli… tsk tsk.. bad Eli!

I went to the nearest mall (which is of course SM Marilao) to have my mobile number changed when I saw an ASUS Eee PC on display from one of the computer stores.

I’ve been hunting one of these baby few weeks ago and have been scouring every inch of Virra Mall for that Php16,000 ASUS Eee PC… Almost Php20k pa rin… No luck.

Then I saw one! I was actually going to buy it (even though the price was Php 19,800)!

I was about to asked for some more details (like how may stocks do they have, colors, specs, upgrades) but then I saw this cheap P19,900 laptop! Geezz that’s a hundred pesos difference from a toy-like gadget to a full-blown (not-that-high-specs) laptop!

Even though the processor of that laptop is a Celeron (and most probably a 512MB RAM, didn’t dare ask), still in my case, I prefer that one instead of the ASUS…

Stayed a few minutes more on that store and the next thing I knew I’m handing over my credit card to the sales guy person for the NEO Empriva 540SVBe… I think this was the mid range priced laptop.

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  1. Mi says:

    I remember when I impulsively bought my Zen MicroPhoto (which is now broken) for P12000 about two years ago. A month or so later, the newer models (Zen V Plus) came out and the P12000 bulk of a thing became 8K or something.

    Not bad though, because when the MicroPhoto broke within warranty, they replaced it with the Zen V Plus also worth 12K, but had to add 1000.

    I’m an impulsive buyer as well… which is why I don’t have a credit card.

  2. Elizar says:

    exactly! i want to leave my credit card at home sometimes.. :)

    want to use it for emergency only, like mr. colayco said.. :)

  3. tikey says:

    wow! congrats! sana next time ako na makabili nyan!

  4. Maan says:

    I’m planning to buy this same laptop tomorrow. How is your so far? No problems naman ba? Please email me (if you have time) at mjgaerlan@yahoo.com. Need feedback on this laptop asap. Thanks!

  5. Elizar says:

    Thanks Tikey! :)

    @Maan, hi.. so far ok naman performance nya.. it’s been a week and ok sya.. gusto mo update kita? :)
    Im using wifi dito sa NEO, ok din sya..

    Im planning to install Ubuntu Linux eh.. siguro next week..

  6. katrina says:

    eii!! are you sure that you bought neo empriva and not neo endura? because i’m using the epriva and it’s not celeron but pentium. endura ranges from 19k-20k while empriva ranges from 29k-30k.. kindly check.. =0

  7. katrina says:

    here.. pls take a look eli..
    Neo Empriva 540SVBe


    Neo Empriva 540SVBe
    Intel Pentium Dual Core T2130, Windows Vista Home Basic, 1GB DDR2 Memory, DVD-RW Dual Drive, 80GB SATA Hard Drive, Webcam, Wireless LAN

    Price: P 29,999

    Technical Specifications:
    Processor Intel® Pentium Dual Core T2130
    (1.86 GHz, 1MB L2 Cache, 533MHz FSB)
    Chipset VIA VN896 + VT8237A
    OS Genuine Windows Vista Home Basic
    Graphics VIA Chrome9 HC IGP
    Display Panel 14.1″ WXGA Widescreen Display
    Standard Memory 1GB
    Hard Drive 80GB SATA
    Optical Drive DVD±RW with Double Layer Support
    Networking/Wireless High speed 56K modem, integrated 10/100 LAN, 802.11b/g WLAN
    Media card None
    I/O Ports “VGA, USB 2.0 (up to 3), RJ-11, RJ-45, headphone, microphone jack, Omni-directional microphones (2), AC adapter”

    Battery 6 cell Lithium Ion
    Webcam NEO Motion Eye 300,000 Pixels
    Approximate Weight* Full featured systems – 2.5kg (5.5lbs)
    Others Neo Bag

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  8. Eli says:

    hi thanks for your comment..

    Re; your question, yes, i think this is an Empriva 540SVBe.. i got the box, cd, and all.. with th eintel inside pentium Dual Core inside logo with windows vista..

  9. katrina says:

    oh.. i see. eli, try checkin out this website- http://www.olx.com and search for the neo empriva.. la lang.. parang nakakabad trip ung mga comments dun.. with all the criticisms with neo. madali lang daw masira.. ngee..sana naman hindi.. kakabili ko lang kc nitong akin.. ung difference lang ng mine from yours is that this is pentium tas sau celeron. but sabi mo ok lang naman. sayang.. mas mura sana kung ung celeron lang ang binili ko.. makakasave pa ko ng 10k. hehe.. wala kpb problems with your laptop until ngyn? =)

  10. eli says:

    di naman siguro madaling masira to.. sana naman hindi.. :) first laptop pa naman hahaha..

    its pentium actually, dual core

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