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Happy Birthday Little Brother!

Baby brother?! Youngest kasi, hehehe..

Anyway, happy 25th Birthday bro! Wish you all the best! Pero for the time being, wish ko sayo is your studies! Break a leg! Pagbutihan mo studies mo! Matatapos ka na! Yuhuu!!!

dennis palad

Eto regalo ko sayo! Your very own blog! :D Start Blogging na! :D

(ayus ba? parang https://elizar.palad.info hehehe)

happy bday! Would you like a Cadillc or a Cadillac grills? lol

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday Little Brother!”

  1. Rachel says:

    Happy birthday to your bro. Nice naman ayan magiging active na din cia sa blogging world.

  2. thet says:

    hahaha..kamuhkhang-kamukha mo…

  3. dennis says:

    happy birthday to me!! hehehe

  4. Reyn says:

    ang nice naman ng gift mo kuya.. blog talaga ha.

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