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The Most Controversial Album Cover!

Stumbled upon a site that enumerates the top 10 most controversial album of all time! And guess what? The Beatles is still in it! :)

Here’s their winning album cover (also knows as the ‘Butcher’ cover):

The Beatles Butcher Cover

The Australian photographer who shoot this photo was Robert Whitaker. Capitol Records wanted to released an album exclusively for the US fans, hence the album. But with the negative reaction of the people to the album cover, all copies was recalled (well, at least tried to recall).

This album of the Beatles with the Butcher cover is a rare item and will surely be priceless for any Beatles fan/collectors!

If you checked the top controversial album cover link, you’ll see that John Lennon’s “Two Virgin” album is on Top 3! Both naked. No need to use a magnifying glass to see those birdie.. :)

2 Responses to “The Most Controversial Album Cover!”

  1. Popular Wealth says:

    Yeah, very controversial cover, those haircuts scare me! hehe

  2. Antiques says:

    Thanks for the amazing picture of beatles. But the photo looks pathetic. Never could even imagine they could stoop so low.

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