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Everything Eli Nowhere To Be Found In Google SERP

… well, it’s there somewhere, but some of the keywords that usually rank high on Google are now gone.

Strumazole, or Hyperthyroidsm or even “arnel pineda journey”, which are some of the keywords found on this blog… Nada!

Even change the Arnel Pineda keyword to more specific like “arnel pineda journey everything eli” and still, nothing..

Even typing the domain name sometimes doesn’t show up. “everything eli“, nothing. “everything-eli” nothing. Good thing “everything-eli.com” returned something…

“Hey Google!… <insert swear here> YOU!”

’nuff said…..

2 Responses to “Everything Eli Nowhere To Be Found In Google SERP”

  1. sasha says:

    Ni try ko nga wala ka nga kapitbahay. Yung new blog mo ang nasa first page kapag everything eli ang search

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