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Pinoy Money Talk

It’s game time!

It’s embarrassing though that I have to learn this contest from other blogs that to pinoy money talk blog itself. To tell you honestly I am currently subscribed to pinoy money talk’s feeds.

Pinoy Money Talkare one of the few really useful local Filipino blog sites there is! It is here at PMT that I’ve read about mutual funds and investing as well as news and stuff about Paypal.

Anyway, enough etche-bureche, Pinoy Money Talk is currently holding an SEO contest to all bloggers! You simple need to make a post on your blog and link to either the Pinoy Money Talk contest URL, or the Countdown to 3 Contest post, or any post you want in the blog.

If I win, i’ll buy myself a brand new notebook computer!! Or at least the laptop bag… lol

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  1. Dark Laurel says:

    sali din po kayu sa SEO contest ko…

    reach me @ YM : ronaldallan.mojica

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