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My Latest DVD Collection From Fetch-A-Disc

Yesterday, I was out in Greenhills (then to Trinoma afterwards) hunting for the best priced Asus Eee PC, my mother sent and SMS saying that a package for me arrived at home (at 7:00am?!!).

I had a very good idea what that package was. Those are probably the DVDs I ordered from fetch-a-disc couple of weeks ago (January 9 apparently as showed on the sticker receipt). I was right!

dvd collection

As you can probably see, I bought the following DVDs:

  • Give My Regards To Broad Street
  • Fools Rush In
  • A Hard Day’s Night
  • Show: A Night In A Life of Matchbox Twenty

Here’s the story behind the purchase…

First, I’m Beatles fanatic. I already have a copy of “A Hard Day’s Night” but it’s a pirated copy. (sshh don’t tell Edu)… There are lots of special feature on this original DVD that is not on the pirated one (of course). That’s why I bought one.

I was in my freshman year in high school when I last saw the movie “Give My Regards To Broad Street”. Bought this one coz I just to see it again.. (impulsive buyer me).

I am also a big fan of FRIENDS and my favorite is Matthew Perry. Need I say more for “Fools Rush In”? BTW, I lost my (original) VCD of the movie, so I bought another copy.

Finally, you may think that The Beatles is the only rock group I know or love? I’m a big fan of Matchbox Twenty too in case you want to know. :) And just like “A hard day’s night”, I also have a copy of this DVD (pirated).

And there you go! Thank you for reading and reaching this far! hehehe, One last word.. If you’re going to directbuy or just buy a CD or DVD, don’t buy pirated ones.. I know it’s cheaper but I tell you, it’s not worth it. Why? I’ll tell you soon!

Have a good day!

3 Responses to “My Latest DVD Collection From Fetch-A-Disc”

  1. minor says:

    can we consider a downloaded movie(e.g torrent) a pirated movie?

  2. Dingdong says:

    its been a while na di ko na visit ang site mo pren
    eto, halos basahin ko mga blog’s entries mo

    congrats pala sa 2nd baby mo pren

    dalawa na ang PALAD’s mo…..

  3. Elizar says:

    Thanks Mr. Amandy! ;)

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