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I Love You Christine Gambito!

My wife’s going to kill me for that…

The most popular Filipino video blogger in the world has come home! Welcome to the Philippines Christine Gambito a.k.a Ms. Happy Slip! (Applause!)

Christine Gambito

Ain’t she the cutest?

She’s here for a couple of days to visit all beautiful places in the Philippines! She is the super main endorser of the Department of Tourism’s Experience Philippines Campaign which gives OFWs a chance to go and experience the Philippines for free.

And here’s a news that I got from Karlo.

There are plans of holding a farewell event for bloggers where fans can meet Christine which will happen during her stay here in the Philippines.

I really hope I can be there to see her face to face! Malay mo, ma extra sa video blog nya… I’ll even give her Akoya pearls, naks *wink*

3 Responses to “I Love You Christine Gambito!”

  1. Jaypee says:

    That first line made me laugh. Does your wife read your blog? If not, then you have nothing to worry about. Besides, it’s just a sense of admiration right? Nothing more. I said that just in case the wife is reading this. Hehe

    I heard there will be a blogger farewell party that’s being arranged for her. You might want to go there, or not. :D

  2. Allen says:

    Aha! You are using your blog to show your unfaithfulness! haha just kidding. ^_^

  3. Elizar says:

    Thanks for the visit you guys! hehehe, I was just kidding on the first line… *wink*

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