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Social Bookmarking… What?

I am so new with this Social Bookmark sites! Like I said before, if I had known that this will greatly increase my backlinks (and consequently win the SEO contest on Google) I would have definitely used it to my advantage!

Social Bookmarking

Generally and in traditional term, a bookmark is something that helps you remember a specific page on a book, right?

Social Bookmarking in computer/internet terms refers to managing, i.e. store, organize and manage bookmarks of internet pages using services such ass Digg, Delicious, Reddit and others.

Why Use Social Bookmarks?


Like I said, I’m new with this social bookmarking thing. I just spent the whole night registering to some of the high Page Ranked Social Bookmarking site on the web.

Remember, if you’re going to create back links on your post, better do it on a site with PR4 and up!

Here’s a list of Social Bookmarking sites where I created an account last night… Number in brackets means Google PR.

  1. Blinklist (7)
  2. Furl (7)
  3. Backflip (6)
  4. Bibsonomy (6)
  5. LinkaGoGo (6)

There are a lot more on that list! And I will continue to create an account to all of them.. Will post the complete list soon too…

If you want to know all of them (or most of them) on future post, you may subscribe to my feeds. Or enter your email and it will be delivered straight to your inbox!


One Response to “Social Bookmarking… What?”

  1. joy says:

    grabe eli ,may new blog ka na naman?

    you’ve been tagged by the way. not sure kung nagawa mo na :)

    and thanks for the info above. I’ll make sure to sign up on all of them

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