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Youve Got to Hide Your Love Away

john lennon paul mccarthneyOne of the first songs I’ve knows with super long title… just like “Said I love you but I lied” or “Have I told you lately That I love you” or “I would do anything for love, But I wont Do That” or… you got what I mean.

You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away is one of my favorite song on the Beatles Help album. It has some flavors in it that for me really puts it on the top of my best song of the Beatles list. John Lennon takes the vocal part and a 12 string acoustic guiter.

This song is the first ever Beatle recording to feature the work of an outside musician. If your familiar with the song, the end part of which has some flute part. That part was performed by Johnnie Scott. (I’m not sure if he’s the one on the music video below, but you do, please comment) :D

Another fact every Beatles fan should know, or probably know is that there was no electrical instruments in that song and it was recorded in a shortened afternoon session from start to finish. And have you notice the teak outdoor furniture that was in the Help! music video? Well not actually teak, but they’re nice.

That’s it… I just want to share that one to you guys who are a Beatles fan.. :)

Here is that song’s video from yutube. This is from the the beatles second movie, in colour, Help!.

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  1. jhanok says:

    Addict sa beatles!hahaha

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