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Pay Per Play… Again

It seems that the people from Net Audio Ads are really vigilant in spreading the words about their new advertising technique that is developed specially for bloggers/blogs and websites!

Last December 28, 2007 I posted an entry (sorry, I can’t post the link, check the archive), about Net Audio Ad’s new way of putting ads on a blog. It’s not text, it’s not and image nor a banner. The ads are 5-second audio clips that automatically play when someone visits a website.

The advertiser pays for every visitors that comes to your site, since the audio plays automatically when a page loads. If it’s all audio, meaning there are no links (or image) to click, meaning you earn for every page views! No clicks required!

How cool is that?!

How Do We Get Paid?

Like I told you, I blogged about this before, so I’m just going to quote myself..

Many people are only getting $2 – $4 CPM on Google AdSene, NetAudioAds claims to pay UP TO $28 CPM to run their ads!

NetAudioAds will pay you 25% of the ad spend for all ads you serve on your website. That is the “per-play” revenue spent by the advertisers that play audio ads on your website.

And like I mentioned on the start of this post, NetAudioAds really are doing the best they can to introduce this unique way advertising to bloggers.

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