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Smart Bro… Anywhere Broadband?

smart bro internetl Smart Communications recently launched their Smart Bro Plug It. Now you can bring your internet connection anywhere you go… (Sure, sure.)

Anywhere Broadband is their tag line and is what they claim. I say, change to Anywhere Internet.

Since this technology uses 3G, I think this broadband thing will only be available for those places with 3G signal. Take our home town for example, video (3G) call is not possible. Walang signal sa bundok na probinsya namin. :D

Anyway, here’s another catch for Smart’s Plug It, wireless internet:

Qouting Smart

The plan includes Internet usage of 40 hours per month, and P10 every 30 minutes in excess thereof.

40 hours per month internet for P799! Do the math bro (or don’t just look at the numbers).

In order to maximize the P799 consumable (or in order to budget yourself in using just the P799 worth of internet) you only have to use IT for, what… 1 and a half (no, less than that.. 1.3333 hours) a day! If you exceed, say goodbye to your allowance or extra money because the P799 monthly bill will grow to who knows how much!

For me, I’m only at least 6 to 10 hours a day! This service from Smart is definitely not for everybody (if not anybody).

I’d rather subscribe to the P999 unlimited SmartBro thank you very much.

Di ba? Tama ba? Kawawa naman maloloko ng Smart.. (oopss, sorry sa nag avail neto.. :D)

4 Responses to “Smart Bro… Anywhere Broadband?”

  1. Allen says:

    Hi Eli, what about Visibility?

  2. Elizar says:

    Right, that’s an option… I just want to point out that with Smart’s marketing and advertisement, baka marmaing kumuha, mapapa mahal lang sila..

  3. paulette says:

    For internet heavy users like me , i woudnt go for this becuase its a little bit expensive. But for some whose always on the go and uses internet for about 3 times a week , they can try this.

  4. N!cE says:

    I agree with you Eli. 799 per month translates to around 20 bucks per hour. Same lang kung yung phone mo may smart 3G. Pwede mo rin dalhin anywhere.


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