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WordPress 2.3.2 is Out! Do I Need to Update? Again?

wordpressWhile I was composing a post in my Everything Father blog, I notice that there’s this “A new version of WordPress is available!” notification on top of the dashboard.. I said, what?! I just upgraded just the other day..

So I clicked it, and yep, indeed there is a new version, 2.3.2. Here’s what WordPress people has to say:

WordPress 2.3.2 is an urgent security release that fixes a bug that can be used to expose your draft posts. 2.3.2 also suppresses some error messages that can give away information about your database table structure and limits and stops some information leaks in the XML-RPC and APP implementations. Get 2.3.2 now to protect your blog from these disclosures.

As a little bonus, 2.3.2 allows you to define a custom DB error page. Place your custom template at wp-content/db-error.php. If WP has a problem connecting to your database, this page will displayed rather than the default error message.

For more detail on what’s new in 2.3.2, view the list of fixed bugs and see the changes between 2.3.1 and 2.3.2.

So, should I upgrade, sure. Now? Maybe later.. intayin ko kayo kung madali lang. If not, I’ll stick with the 2.3.1 one. :D


3 Responses to “WordPress 2.3.2 is Out! Do I Need to Update? Again?”

  1. Allen says:

    You should do the update as soon as possible. Since it’s just a security update, all you need to do is to replace a few files. :)

  2. paulette says:

    Sometimes when we are using a particular system and an upgrade comes along its hard for us to accept it willingly. We recognize it after when we realized that we need it. Change is really a constant thing.

  3. malaya says:

    Happy New Year!
    I noticed that too, but I can’t make any changes, ipapaalam ko muna sa aking landlady hehehe.

    pa-update naman po http://manilenya.com/karen/ salamat.

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