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Pay-Per-Play Advertisers – NetAudioAds!

“Hey, what was that?!”, you might ask after loading this page on my blog. Well, that 5-second audio advertisement my friends, is the new revolutionary way of sending messages from advertisers to us consumers.

(If you didn’t hear it, it probably didn’t load, or didn’t work.. Or you don’t have any sound device.. :)

NetAudioAds has been selling advertising to companies for several years. The ads are 5-second audio clips that automatically play when someone visits a website.

If you watch TV a lot or listen to the radio, the ads are very much like the same – a very cool, suave voice saying something about the product

The Advertisers claims that you can earn money for every visitors that stop by every single time without them having to buy anything or click on anything! The ads are 5-second audio clips that automatically play when someone visits a website.

Website owners are paid “Per-Play” NOT Per-Click. More Information can be seen here.. or continue reading..

Features of PPP NetAudioAds

  • Contextual Ad – Advertisements are relevant to the content of your site. NetAudioAds scans the content of your website and delivers ads relevant to your content.
  • Ads play automatically- When the page fully loads, a 5-second advertisement will play. There is no link. No click. Just autoplay.

How Do We Get Paid?

That’s the topic every blogger, or every one wants to know – how do we get paid?

Many people are only getting $2 – $4 CPM on Google AdSene, NetAudioAds claims to pay UP TO $28 CPM to run their ads!

NetAudioAds will pay you 25% of the ad spend for all ads you serve on your website. That is the “per-play” revenue spent by the advertisers that play audio ads on your website.

The Catch?

During the sign up, you have to agree with these two conditions in order to agree:

  • I understand that paid advertising will begin in February, 2008.
  • I agree to embed the NetAudioAds code fragment on my websites now

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