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Arnel Pineda And Jayson Fernandez

What does Arnel Pineda and Jayson Fernandez have in common? No, they’re not huge, hunk men that take creatine ethyl ester. Sorry try again.

Both men are pinoy, true. Both men are pinoy banda rockers. And of course, the thing that both of them have… pure goddam Luck… And syempre Talent.. :)

Want to know more?

Arnel Pineda is now the lead vocalist of the ever popular foreign band behind the hit songs, “Open Arms”, “Foolish Heart” and others. Former vocalist is of course Steve Perry. Arnel Pineda is the new front man of The Journey!

Jayson Fernandez, just like Pineda has found a new level of fame. He is the new Rico Blanco of Rivermaya. But in fairness to Jayson, he too is good.

Both of them are picked by the remaining members of the band they are into now. Arnel Pineda was seen by Journey’s guitarist performing cover songs of Steve Perry… errr.. The Journey while Jayson Fernandez won the reality TV show which aired in Studio 23.

Goddam Lucky! :D

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