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WorldMate For Windows Mobile – FREE!

world worldmateLike they say, the best things in life are Libre! Here is one cool application for Pocket PC hand held device (like my XDA Zinc – sorry, couldn’t help it. :) which is perfect for the constant traveller – WorldMate.

WorldMate travel software for Windows Mobile provides you with critical travel information (and travel gear) when you need it the most. Get WorldMate for Windows Mobile free of charge.

Whenever traveling, one always needs to keep track of the flight times, weather, which items did I bring and how do I not forget them, etc..

Here’s a small list of what this nifty application can do:

  • View Multiple world clock (as much as 5) in complete timezones
  • View Weather forecast around the globe
  • Currency converter/Exchange Rate
  • World Night/Day map

Also there are the little things: How much do I tip in this country? Those are nice shoes, but what is my size in Japan? and more.

Thankfully this little application released by Mobimate has many of the answers, at a great price: Free!

Source: PocketPC Thoughts — extra.. I wonder what is Marhgil Macuha‘s phone is? hehehe, style. :D

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