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Lack Of Posts

I’m really really sorry for not being so vigorous on doing regular post for this blog in the past couple of days.

LOTS of things are going inside my head! (Plus, I’ve been busy.)

I’ve checked my last post and it has only been three days since I last made an entry… 3 days… Feels like 3 weeks!

What happened for the past days?

Well, the only big thing that happened to me was December 19, mother ship’s super Christmas party. Side A was there, Mocha, Amanda Griffin and couple of hunk dudes (not including myself).

December 19 was mother ship’s party, tonight it’s just OC – Operation Center. I’ll be there.

Tomorrow I’ll be going back to work after more than 12 days leave. Night Shift. I think I’ll be posting regularly starting then…

Asking Wife to Blog

Currently asking my wife to write for me for my other blog.

If you think 2 days of not posting is too long, you should see my Fatherhood blog and pinoy banda and sysadmin blogs… They are almost dead… :( And to think that those are the ones that have adsense in it…

She doesn’t want to.

What she wants though is a new domain and a good web hosting company. I’ve checked https://www.webhostingchoice.com for a couple of possible picks. It’s a guide for choosing the right web host perfect for personal or small business use.

Or I could still stick with Marvin’s.

I’m also looking for opportunities such as car insurance stuff> :)

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