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Marhgil Macuha on All Other Search Engine

Marhgil Macuha Search EngineYesterday, I have posted my Marhgil Macuha SEO entry standing on Yahoo and Google. Both are doing good…

Well, except for Yahoo, since the rule says that the post must be the one to optimize not the domain… Thanks to Charles for pointing that one out.

Having posted my Google and Yahoo standing, it made me curious on how well I’m doing on other search engines.

Here’s what I have to say…

  • MSN – result are junk… eerr, very unrelated to the keywords I asked it to find. Though my blog is on the first page, the blog entry was about “Fascinating Computer Trivia“… What does Marhgil Macuha has to do with that?! (Title)
  • AOL – Results are good actually. My entry is on Page 1, same with Google. Actually, the search result really feels like Google. Got a little curious and found something about it
      announced a multi-year agreement that will make Google’s popular search technology and targeted paid listings available on America Online brands.Under the agreement, Google’s search technology will begin powering the search areas of AOL, CompuServe, AOL.COM and Netscape this summer.
  • Ask Jeeves – another junk… since I didn’t find my post in the first pages. At least the search engine has a Spelling suggestion that MSN do not: marhgil macula
  • AltaVista – The search result is very familiar. My post domain was in page 1, number 2. Why is that? Because:

Hey I could do Lycos, Webcrawler, freeserve and others, but may some other day… I optimize Marhgil Macuha keyword for one day. :)


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