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How My 1-Year 10-Month Old Baby Learned The ABCs

I’m sure all fathers will be very proud knowing that they have one smart kid, who’s able to count and recite identify all the letters in the alphabet.

Like I haven’t flaunt it enough, my 21-month old baby can do ABC! Can you imagine that? He can’t even say his name, but he can identify all the letters in the alphabet perfectly!

I decided to introduce him to the alphabet when he

How Did He Do It?

The first letter I taught him was letter ‘E’. I used to ‘tour’ him all around the house looking for the capital letter E.

I would go, “What letter is this?”, and answering my own question… “Letter E!”.. I would then go the next book (or a can of sardine, or a box of cereal or a laundry powder box) and ask the same question again and again. He would then make an E sound.

Then every time I ask him what letter E is, he would say E… I then introduce him to some other letters..

That’s just the beginning… I need reinforcements…

  • Bought him Sesame Street’s Alphabet jungle
  • Barney’s Let’s Play School
  • Big Bird’s Learning the Alphabet

Now, you can ask him any letters you want and my Matthew will say it to you loud and clear. (well, clear like ‘byu’ is ‘W’, :)

Everyday, every morning, my wife would play the alphabet song and Matt will watch from beginning to end. Sometimes he even say the next letter even before it was shown!

2 Responses to “How My 1-Year 10-Month Old Baby Learned The ABCs”

  1. jhanok says:

    wow galing galing nmn matmat…

  2. N!cE says:

    Smart kid! Mana sayo Eli. hehehe

    My son can identify all the letters in the alphabet too and he turned 21 months last 15th. Laking tulong talaga yang Alphabet Jungle game. Favorite nya rin yan. :)


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