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Group Chat for Gmail

gmailBetter late than never…

Google’s Gmail finally has a feature for group chatting (which Yahoo’s Messenger has for, God knows how many years now).

To start the chat conference simply do the following:

  1. Start a chat with a single person in your Contacts list.
  2. Once you’ve started the chat, click Options at the bottom left of your chat window and select Group Chat.
  3. In the field labeled ‘Add a person to this chat,’ enter the name of the contact(s) you want to add to your group chat

You can exit the group chat by clicking the ‘x’ part of the interface. If you need to rejoin, you’ll to be invited back by those who are still in the chat session…

Now you can do conferencing just like what you are used to in YM. Besides group chat, you can now send emoticons from your gmail chat interface!

If you’re a YM user (I’m sure you are) there really is nothing here that we don’t know yet. :)

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