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Arnel Pineda of The Zoo, Journey’s New Vocalist!

More info for Arnel Pineda Here…

You know for us pinoys when you hear the band name “The Journey” you think of either “Steve Perry” or “Open Arms“, right? Right!

Well in case you don’t know (livin’ under the rock, have you?), Steve Perry left the band way back in 1996, Steve Augeri (Steve’s replacement?) left in ’06 and the latest so far, Jeff Scott Soto was let go this year.

So, here’s another pinoy record that will make all Filipinos proud! The newest lead vocalist of The Journey, as announced in their official website, is Arnel Pineda… True blue pinoy from Quezon City!

The story of Arnel Pineda being chosen to be The Journey’s vocalist very much reminded me of the 2001 Mark Wahlberg film, The Rockstar.

When it was time for JOURNEY to look for a new lead singer, the internet came to their rescue. The guiter player Neal Schon wanted someone new to the music business, so he turned to yuTube. After finding Arnel singing “Faithfully,” he knew he had found the perfect frontman.

Arnel Pineda The Journey

22 Responses to “Arnel Pineda of The Zoo, Journey’s New Vocalist!”

  1. paulette says:

    Truly filipinos are born with musical talents. That’s good to here that The Journey vocalist is a pinoy. Many filipinos would be watching the rise of this band

  2. Henry says:

    he’s really good…he’s my former bandmate…

  3. Rhycel says:

    yup…mulupit nga boses nyan ni Arnel was able to watch him perform at hardrock once.

  4. jedi says:

    my heart is leaping with this news. i’m a big fan of journey and i never thought that the band believed in a filipino talent. arnel doesnt have to impress them, he creates majic when he sings!!

  5. Fath says:

    oh my gosh! i never thougth a filipino talent will take over journey’s vocalist. nakakakilig…

  6. RANDOLF B. "aka" SONNY B. says:

    JOURNEY will conquer airwaves again if they release new songs. talented band plus with wonderful voice? means SUCCESS!.fans all over the world get ready.

  7. ca says:

    yeah right! super nagkakagulo na nga mga pinoys around the globe who has seen the news about Arnel’s fortune..we are so happy he made it..More power to Journey and we hope they will take good care of our ‘kababayan’ WE LOVE YOU ARNEL!!!

  8. vench says:

    rock on \m/… The best talaga ang pinoy! Arnel Goodluck! and God Bless you! proud to be pinoy!

  9. vench says:

    I’ll buy original cd of your 1st album in journey’s band! I will support you all the way! and i will be your no. 1 fan, keep it up!… To all my ‘kababayan’ supportahan po natin si arnel! …God Bless us all to success of our kababayan (arnel). It’s time to recognize our filipino talents all over the world.

  10. TONY LLEVA says:


  11. kietz gutz says:

    am a number 1 fun of ARNEL PINEDA… and the JOURNRY band… arnel am so proud of you… gud luck and more power to you and to the journey band… we love you…

  12. bong "pineda" says:

    Lets give Arnel and of course the rest of the Journey Band by buying their original CDs pag lumabas na. Pagpapatayin natin natin yun mga namimirata!

  13. thonypunzalan says:

    dre hanep ka…ang lupit mo!!!that’s d 1st time i heard you sing you are one hell of a singer dre…ang galing mo dre…i am goin to be watchin you dre…gud luck…malayo ang mararating mo…you r my IDOL…From EULESS TEXAS.

  14. jasmore9361 says:

    You’re simply THE MAN for Journey.. ROCK ON..
    Vegas show was so spectacular and can’t wait to see you for more.. LONG LIVE THE KING..

  15. Vanessa says:

    Arnel Pineda,,, u can sing u can replace instrument,, but u cannot replace a person behind the mic STEVE PERRY, a good boy and handsome,,,,,I think u need a speech lesson. We dont understand the words when u sing…..this is only advice,,,Journey needs STEVE PERRY……

  16. Vicky says:

    Steve Perry isn’t coming back. That’s basically it. Arnel Pineda did not replace Steve Perry, He replaced a Journey frontman who happens to be Steve Perry once. He has his own style and he is just sooooo damn good that he can bring life and soul to every music he sings to the point of of sounding like the original or even better. He does need to take speech lessons but that is a sign of coping up to a bigger and wider dimension of audience which he now caters to. If someone can’t understand his songs, then I wonder how the 15,000 people from Chile and many others from his performances had managed to sing and dance and groove with him while singing. God bless ARnel. You’re simply the man!

  17. Kim says:

    Arnel do not need speech lesson, he is fine. I am born in the U.S. with Filipino parents so I know first hand. Accent does not matter. English is spoken everywhere and there is no norm about accent. There is are so many ways you can speak English with accent. I also speak Tagalog with American accent and I think no one cares about it as long as I can express my thoughts. I also speak Hawaii Kine Pigeon English accent (wats up bradah, you oke, you like drink bea??), we also have Southern accent, Chinese accent, Any Asian countries accent, British accent, Geman accent and so on. Only the ignorant people will care about accent. What matter most is communication. Anyone who speaks English will sure understand Arnel no matter how he speak English, so stop it, unless you are a redneck or a racist SOB’s. .

  18. CINDER LIM says:

    Am with Journey since my high school days with Steve Perry 1984(Should have been gone)What more now Arnel Pineda na.Very Proud at dito na lang.

  19. ohnie fietas says:

    arnel pineda was so great…kuhang kuha nya ung faithfuly…

  20. Lou says:

    I’ve seen Journey’s concert recently on Arnel’s birthday, Sept. 5th here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Although he was still recovering from bronchitis that Journey decided to postpone the previous concert in New Hampshire, USA, Journey with Arnel rocked the sold out Molson Amphitheatre. People (at least 80% non-Filipinos) were dancing and singing during most of the concert and on our way home teen-agers (non-Filipinos) were belting out “Don’t Stop Believin'”.

  21. Lynne Kropf says:

    Arnel is awsome. He sings with his powerful soul. He is gold. I cant wait for more, more, more, Journey/Arnel music. Arnel is one of the core arteries to the heart of Journey. The band members each have a stong obvious God given talent and when combined….WOW!!!

  22. ruffym. says:

    i am living in ireland i heard the news that journey has a new lead singer and hes a filipino i was amazed.im really proud of arnel.im a big fan of journey.God bless guys.

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