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The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions

complete beatles recording sessionThe Complete Beatles Recording Session. I first saw this book in National Bookstore Cubao Branch.

I usually hang out the music section of the bookstores back in those days (up to now).

Anyway, the book was all torn out and was old looking. Many hands had already pass through the once shinny pages of that book.

It was on sale. The original price of more than a thousand pesos was 30% cheaper that day. Still I could not buy it. Walang pera.

And now thanks to paypal, ebay and blog money, I have my own shinny copy of that amazing book!

That book is the official story of the Abbey Road session years of the Beatles – 1962 to 1970.

It even has an introductory interview with Sir Paul McCartney!

One of the most important documentaries on rock music ever published. This book is the history of every Beatles recording session written in a diary format!

Materials here are researched from hundreds of unreleased Abey Road archive tapes, featuring thousands of previously unpublished studio documents and interviews with many of the key recording personnel.

Over 350 color and back-and-white photographs and illustrations, including rare photos by Linda McCartney and the first facsimile reproductions of Abbey Road recording sheets, tape boxes, album sleeve roughs, memos, contract, press releases and much more.

This book is the newest addition to my collection of Beatles books. There are lots of interesting information and Beatles trivia that I never knew before. This really is a must for every Beatles Fan out there!

4 Responses to “The Complete Beatles Recording Sessions”

  1. VintageP says:

    Thanks for the post on Complete Beatles Recording Sessions as I am not familiar with this publication. I recently read the book “Beatles Gear” by Andy Babiuk, which got me interested in learning more about the history of the Beatles and the gear they used. They were right there at the start of the live performance technology we take for granted today simply because there was no need for a live venue of more than 50,000 people before them.

  2. Elizar says:

    hi, thanks for dropping by.. you’re so welcome.

  3. paulette says:

    That’s cool!Its good to hear that you’ve got additonal material for your beatles memorabilia. For Beatles fans, its really a must-have specially such material that you ever wanted for so long.

  4. Elizar says:

    thanks for dropping by Paulette!…

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