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Lennon’s 27th Death Anniversary

mark david chapmanF@c#$@!! Mark David Chapman!! (i wonder if Google can search that word… :)

The photograph on the left was taken December 8, 1980, the day that John Lennon was murdered. That dude in the picture, the one who’s asking for John’s autograph is Mark David Chapman, John’s Killer.

As John Lennon was leaving The Dakota Building early on the day of December 8th, he was approached by what he thought was a fan. Mark had asked him, "John, will you sign this?" and John said "Sure, no problem". And he signed it with Mark's pen. After he had signed it, He asked Mark "Is that all you want?" and then He asked it again, "Is that all you want?" and Mark replied with a yes, "Yes, thank you John."

Then John went to his car and drove away. That very same night, Mark was waiting for him and was prepared to kill him.

who killed john lennonI have been reading this book written by Fenton Bresler. It’s an investigative book looking at every possible angle and motive as to why Chapman would want to kill John Lennon.

There are three major misconceptions about Mark since he committed that murder:

  1. Big admirer of Lennon, his alter ego.
  2. Influenced by the Catcher of the Rye book
  3. He was a loner

All of which was explained and proven misleading by the author.

He explore the possibility (insists) that the government (CIA, FBI) is the one behind of it all. Mind control, Chapman as a Manchurian Candidate, conspiracy and others. They have been linked and there are proof provided. There is also that famed Lennon FBI Files that was released.

Anyway, whatever the reason was, Lennon was still a big loss. And today, he is being remembered and once again mourned by his millions and millions of fans… me included.

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