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And The Winner Is/Are…

pinoy banda logo contestI’m sorry for the super delay to announce the winner for our first contest… Lots of things are happening that I need to attend to.. :)

Anyway, I’m back and here are our winners for our early Christmas giveaway and the pinoy banda banner contest!

We had a total 46 official entries for Everything Eli contest! hurraay!

Everything Eli’s Contest

For Everything Eli’s giveaway, the winner is:

Congrats to Ann!Pinoy Banda ContestCompared to Everything Eli’s contest, Pinoy Banda only had a couple of entries.Here’s the list of entries:

One from Tikey

another one from John Breo

Here’s one from Kevin

And finally here’s an entry sent by June

And our BIG winner is… (drum rolllll….)

(loud applause!)

Congratulation to Kevin Rubio for winning Banner/Logo making contest! You just won yourself $30!

But wait, there’s more… I’m feeling very Christmas-ty and will give a $10 consolation prize for the participants of the Pinoybanda contest!

Once again I would like to thank those who spent time and shared their talent in creating these amazing designs!

To all the winners, please send me your paypal ID so we can transfer your hard earned prize!


10 Responses to “And The Winner Is/Are…”

  1. tikey says:

    Wow congrats sa mga winners! Ay winner din pala ako kc may consolation prize pala ang saya naman…

  2. jhanok says:

    i didn’t won..=(

  3. Teejay says:

    Wow. It’s the first time I’ve seen the other entries. Congratulations to Kevin and Ann.

  4. MeL says:

    Congrats!! Woohoo! Isa pang contest Kuya Eli. Hehe

  5. rHo says:

    congrats sa mga nanalo!! lahat sila magaganda ang mga ginawa… hehehe!

  6. Allen says:

    (*Throws a tantrum because I did not win*) haha just kidding. :) congrats to everyone who won!

  7. John Breo says:

    congratz kina Ann at Kevin, nice contest. akalain mo my consolation prize… woohooo. kahit talo panalo p din. thanks kuya eli, looking forward on the next contests. :)

  8. Elizar says:

    to all the winners and to all concerned, bigay nyo sakin paypal ID nyo to get your price! ;)

    eli_palad at yahoo

  9. June says:

    wow elizar thanks for the consolation.

    I have a paypal account but I still have to apply for my debit card to withdraw it. I hope my prize wont be forfeited. $10 din yun.

    congrats to all who made it

  10. Lia says:

    WTF Kevin won?! nice job, dude. :)

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