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Ecology Friendly Products? Is There Such A Thing?

solar powered chargerSure there is! One of my favorite eco friendly products are those solar-powered devices that doesn’t use any gasoline or external power that burns fuel etc etc.. which by the way is bad for the environment.

There are many companies our there that offers those kinds of eco products. One of which is Greenandmore.com.

GreenandMore.com offers hundred of eco friendly products. They also help support environmental charities such as Oceana and Healthy Child Healthy World

The Solar Powered Charger

Anyway, before digging deeper to what the company do, I want to focus on this amazing product. It has the following capabilities..

  • Cigarette lighter plug available as an adaptor on the go for another charging alternative
  • Suction Cups and wing nuts for attachment to smooth surfaces
  • Weatherproof panel allows for use on boats, while camping or any inclement weather
  • Suction cups and wing nuts for attachment to smooth surfaces in any area, particularly hard to reach spaces

Cool eh. This and other cool eco friendly products are available in Greenandmore.com website. Go check it out!

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