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The 14th NU107 Rock Awards

NU107 Tock AwardsAre you a big pinoy rock fan?! If you are I’m sure you know all about the 14th NU107 Rock Awards to be held this coming November 30 na! Rock on!

And if you haven’t visited Pinoy Banda (shame on you), do so now! You can check all the nominees and special guest performances!

Here’s some information you may need to know now… (you can always check the links later…)

What: 14th NU107 Rock Awards
When: November 30, 2007
• Friday• 7PM
Where: World Trade Center, Pasay City

Let’s have a sneak peek shall we?

Nominees for BEST LIVE ACT

  1. Bamboo
  2. Chicosci
  3. Typecast
  4. Kjwan
  5. Radioactive Sago Project
  6. Jeepney Joyride
  7. Hilera


  1. Bamboo
  2. Chicosci
  3. Typecast
  4. Kjwan
  5. Sugarfree
  6. Radioactive Sago Project

2 Responses to “The 14th NU107 Rock Awards”

  1. pam says:

    wow. :) ang bilis. nu awards na naman. hehe. ;) i like bamboo. :P

  2. malaya says:

    I used to be a follower of NU. I missed watching the awards and giving donations in exchange for tickets, hehehe, those were the days…

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