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I Just Got Pro On Flickr!

flickr pro accountI’ve been using two photo hosting services for some time now, Photobucket and Flickr. I know you’ve been using either one of the two yourself (or you Imageshack, or Multiply or something else)

Good thing about these services are that your photos are kept somewhere safe (but a personal copy/backup – never hurts) and is accessible anytime you want (provided you’re online).

I Just Got Pro On Flickr!

Nope, not the kind of ‘Pro’, that I know all the ins and out of Flickr itself, but Pro account, the one:

  • without ads
  • without storage limitation
  • without the limitations of only displaying the latest 200 photos!

Thanks To PayPal!

I once tried making my flickr account a Pr or make that trice, or make that three times ;) . The only thing that held me back then (and still is now) is the last part of the process… The “Your Credit Card Information”. I am still uncomfortable giving away those information.

Then yesterday, while uploading the latest photos from our weekend adventures, I once again tried upgrading my account still hoping that Yahoo (I’m sure in their right minds and have thought about it too) included Paypal one their way of payment.

And surprisingly, they have. Hence, this account.

This is the first ever account I upgraded from a free service to a ‘pro’… Let’s see the good stuff of it. ;)

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