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Mercury Drug: Online Pharmacy?

I have made a Mercury Drug post a few months back about their staff wearing the same uniform frown. I mentioned there that I felt like the Mercury Drug people do not like their job. It’s like they have this ‘No Smile’ policy. But in fairness to them, the one in Makati BD, Valero Branch has all smiles! Congrats to them for changing my belief. :)

Anyway, I just recently found out that you can also order medicines from them online! Cool! Local online pharmacy!

How To Order Medz Online?

First, you have to create a login account for you to sign in. It will take only a minute to create one.

Once you’re logged in, go to the ‘order online’ page, enter personal information like your name, mailing address , phone/fax number, email address, sex (yes please), and Civil Status.

Next, fill-up the Regular/Maintenance medicine portion of the form. It is here that you put the medicine name.

* Please indicate strength (mg, iu) and form (syrup, tablet, etc.)
Doctor’s prescription required on prescription medicine.
Prices subject to change without prior notice.

Next, you’ll need to specify which Mercury Drug branch the items will be picked up. And finally the credit card info.

So next time I want to buy my Strumazole, Thiamzole or I want to buy Tramadol, I have an option of ordering them online and I can start my drug treatment.

The good about it is that you will not see their sweet sweet smile when greeting customers. :)

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