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Hungry Bands for Hungry Minds: Navitaire’s Fund Raising Program

Singit ko lang, one quick post about this fund raising program for the less fortunate children who are being sponsored by Navitaire (and other corporation, check this out for more info). That company is putting these kids in school for several years now. The school itself, Food for Hungry Minds (FHM), is founded by Navitaire.

What is Food For Hungry Minds?

“Food for Hungry Minds is a growing global network of corporately sponsored middle school interventions dedicated to identifying the poorest children in a community for participation in a program of both educational excellence and leadership development. ”

Hungry Bands for Hungry Minds

Hungry Bands for Hungry Minds is a fund raising event for the benefit of the food for Hungry Minds school. You can vote for your favorite band by buying tickets and help change the lives of the students. All proceeds goes to Food for Hungry Minds school

Last Wednesday was the last day of Acoustic Performance for the Hungry Bands. Featured bands for that day was “The Outage” band and Kreddy’s Cradle. IMHO, among the 6 participating bands, The Outage is the best (looking) band.. lolz! — just kidding!

Participating Bands

Here’s the list of bands who joined:

  • Kreddy’s Cradle
  • The Outage
  • Rasyown
  • Tito, Vip and Joey
  • Wolf’s Gang
  • Pablo Wablo

Here’s a couple of video from last Wednesday’s performance… (or course, by The Outage… hehehe)

(here are some videos from Yutube)

IMAGO’s Spolarium… Covered by The Outage

IMAGO’s Akap… Covered by The Outage

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  1. jhanok says:

    kasali po kyo?

    tsk tsk knina lang po may battle of the band dito…

    naalala ko tuloy ang “those were the days” ng test it…



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