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Where Would I Get The $50 Prize Money?

“Where in heaven will you get the $50 stupid.”, that’s what my wife asked me when I said that I’ll be giving away $50 on my blogs.

That’s exactly what I asked myself when I first thought of the idea. As you know, there is an ongoing raffle or giveaway here at Everything Eli. You could say it’s an early Christmas gift. So if you haven’t join yet, join now!

Where Would I Get The Money?

I’ll be very honest with you. This blog is not making me a millionaire. It’s not even earning enough to support my postpaid Smart bills. I do occasional (frequent?) ‘love’ post and that’s it. That’s my main source of blog income.

The first program that I joined was P9yp3rp0st. There was a time that I was so addicted to it that every day I have 2 to 3 post a day. Now I’m not that active maybe because I joined other programs like Smorty.

If you’ll check my sidebar, there’s this “My Blog MoneyMaker” section. And that’s where will I get my $50 to be given to the lucky one.

Sige na nga,

  • Adsense

We still have a few days more! Tell your friends about this very cool contest! ;)

Good luck!

3 Responses to “Where Would I Get The $50 Prize Money?”

  1. BIA says:

    nyahaha. it won’t be cool if I won’t be the one who’ll win.

    OH COME ON!! :]]

    I was just kidding. ;]

  2. jhanok says:

    duh!you’re rich right!?hehehe

  3. Allen says:

    Let me win! hehe

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