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Fascinating Computer Trivias

triviaI still have a hangover from the personality and trivia quiz from yesterday’s post that I decided to get some more trivias for everyone to enjoy.

The following information was taken from one of Yahoo Answers‘ section. So credit goes to them not mine. :)

Here it goes, check you’re computer trivia knowledge….

Did You Know That….

  • The first company who introduced the first laptop was Epson America in 1981 and it’s model? an HX-20
  • JPEG stand for Joint photographic experts group
  • A keyboard has its creator’s last name on it, in a straight line. Do you know it? His name was Mr. Qwerty. His creation is the format of most keyboards in existence today around the world.
  • Apple is credited as the first successful computer with a mouse attached. But if you’d seen the movie “Pirates of Silicon Valley”, you’ll know the story.
  • Some Microsoft officials are concerned about the growing popularity of Linux because it could offer stiff competition to the Windows NT operating system.

That’s it for now. I may still want more though, so this is not the last post about trivias. :)

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