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Hate Quizzes? Not This One

Do you want to find out how smart you are? (or dump for that matter) or how dorky, geek or nerdy you are? Are you asking yourself how ‘am I a loser? Or how sexy you are?

Check out this cool website that will test you and help you find out who you truly are.

Quiz Rocket has all sorts of quizzes bible quiz to pop music quiz to sexy quiz. Answering the quizzed not only entertains but you will actually learn trivia and all sorts of bits of info along the way.

Most of the quiz are categorized either Fun Test or Fun Personality Quiz.

Fun Tests includes:

For Fun Personality Test, they have:

  • Emo Quiz
  • Gay Quiz
  • Lesbian Quiz
  • Dumb Blond Quiz
  • Where Should I live Quiz and others

You can also test your intelligence or trivia I.Q. with one of our fun trivia quizzes. Take fun tests with Quiz Rocket!

One Response to “Hate Quizzes? Not This One”

  1. Reyn says:

    this is a perfect solution to boredom.. hehe. discovering more about yourself through quizzes!

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