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McCartney Years DVD set

Mccartney Years DVD SetPaul McCartney is set to release a collection of his music videos, live concerts and performance, personal commentaries, behind the scenes excerpts and other goodies on a boxed DVD set.

The release date was reported to be today (or yesterday – timestamp tool) November 13, 2007.

The DVD Set, amply titled McCartney Years is a 3 volume DVD collection that put together all 4 decades of Paul McCartney’s career. This will surely make all fans of Paul (and The Beatles) super excited.

Here’s the promotional video for the McCartney Years from Sir Paul himself…

The McCartney Years is also packed with bonus features and extra never before seen footage and performances, including Let It Be from Live Aid, archive interviews with Melvyn Bragg and Michael Parkinson, alternative versions of music videos and the full-length 2005 documentary Creating Chaos at Abbey Road. Paul has recorded exclusive commentary and personal introductions for each promo video and each live concert.

Another one on my wish list…

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  1. jhanok says:

    wow.This would be a great gift for my brother’s bday,Nov.13 same as the release date.He’s also a big fan of Paul and the beatles…

    But I don’t have enough money to buy that one…so to all of my bro’s friends grab a copy of this for his bday.hehehe

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