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Featuring Fedora 8

I have been a Linux fan for some time now, starting from (then free and open source) Red Hat Linux 6. When Red Hat Linux 9 was released in 2004 it was the last Red Hat version to be distributed by Red Hat (company) giving way to Red Hat Enterprise Server.

The end of life of Red Hat 9 was the beginning of the Fedora Legacy Project. It is a community-supported open-source project to provide security and critical bug fix errata package updates for versions of Red Hat Linux and Fedora Core no longer officially supported by Red Hat

For those who are not aware Fedora is the spin off of the infamous Fedora Core project from Red Hat.

Fedora 8 Project

And now, after the released of Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, here comes the new Fedora code named Werewolf (with a ‘Thriller’ Announcement), the latest and most robust free and open source software available.

Fantastic Fedora Features

Linux Slashdot has mentioned the following features:

  • PulseAudio sound daemon,
  • Nodoka visual style,
  • PolicyKit authentication system – New authentication system

There are lots of features mentioned on linuxupdate and in LinuxScrews. If you’re interested and into Linux (Fedora) right now, go check it out.

Release Schedule

24 July 2007 – F8 Test1 freeze
7 August 2007 – F8 Test1 release
28 August 2007 – F8 FEATURE freeze
28 August 2007 – F8 string freeze
28 August 2007 – F8 Test2 freeze
13 September 2007 – F8 Test2 release
25 September 2007 – F8 translation freeze
25 September 2007 – F8 Test3 freeze
4 October 2007 – F8 Test3 release
4 October 2007 – Development freeze. Only critical bugs fixed
17 October 2007 – Final Development freeze. Only Release Blocker bugs fixed
8 November 2007 – F8 final release

Direct Download Links:

1. DVD images: i386, x86_64 (torrents), i386, x86_64 (via HTTP).
2. Gnome CD images: i386, x86_64 (torrents), i386, x86_64 (via HTTP).
3. KDE CD images: i386, x86_64 (torrents), i386, x86_64 (HTTP).

More Reading

Thought you might like to read some other stuff about Fedora, Redhat and linux in general. I hope that this new Fedora release made you curious enough to want to know more about Linux.

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  3. pam says:

    uber techy. haha. xD i couldn’t relate much. hehe. :D

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    ano bang meron sa Linux? hehehe. No idea kasi about it. :D

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