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Here It Is! The Early Christmas Giveaway!

Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the set of guidelines for our first giveaway on everything-eli.com.

I really really urge you to join! Why? Here are some reasons why..

  • Big Chance To Win

Considering that this blog only has 30 to 40 readers a day (some are even family members, who are not qualified to join the contest btw) you definitely have a big probability of winning!

  • Very Easy To Join!

You only need to comment and that’s it, you got yourself one entry for the drawing! Of course if youlink back to this page (trackback) you’ll get one more entry.

  • $50 is $50

What do you have to lose? 1 minute of your time? All you need to do is comment for $20. That’s it. Still $50 is still 50 dollars, that’s at least Php 2000!

Rules And Guidlines

The 50 bucks that we’ll be giving away will be given in two ways.

$30 will be the prize money for the Pinoy Banda banner/logo making contest (details can be found here) and $20 will be randomly drawn here in you comment on this post!

That is so easy!

  • Contest run from today until November 30 at 12 noon
  • You’ll get one (1) entry ifyou comment on this post.
  • You’ll earn one (1) entry if you link back (trackback) to this post and one (1) more for trackback on Pinoybanda contest post.
  • Winner(s) will be randomly drawn on November 30 and the result will be posted first week of December.

Good luck to all! Merry Christmas! :p

42 Responses to “Here It Is! The Early Christmas Giveaway!”

  1. tikey says:

    I wanna join that’s why im commenting** wink

  2. jhanok says:

    Same here…I want to win!not only join!hehehe

  3. Midas says:

    I’m joining! I would love to win. $50 is a few pairs of shoes…or one good one…so yeah! Count me in!

    Linking you too….for another entry.

  4. Karen says:

    really kuya eli? whoa.. you’re so generous!

    Join ako dito. hehe.. baka lang~ :)

  5. valky says:

    i’m in!! :D

  6. BIA says:

    joining, joining.
    sabi mo sexy aco eh. mwahahahaha. :]]
    hindi to scam ha..? yari ka sakin pag scam to. haha. :]]

  7. MeL says:

    Sali rin ako, Kuya Eli!! :) I’ll link this post, too. Ang aga ng Christmas dito. Woohoo! :)

  8. kring says:

    hi! sali na ko dito. haha :)

  9. jennyL says:

    joining the fun here…

  10. DIAN says:

    hello! comment comment! :)

  11. mayee says:

    ayan! comment! hehe. dito na lang ako sasali.. wala akong masyadong time gumawa ng banner para sa inyo eh.

    good luck na lang sa pagpili niyo ng banner! i’m sure marami ring sasali dun! :)

  12. m1ch3l says:

    Okie dokie… i’m in…

  13. charles says:

    Count me in. 50 bucks is enough. :)

  14. liza says:

    Oyy!thanks for letting me know about this contest of yours!naku count me in! ;)

  15. Reyn says:

    You suddenly have a lot of new commentators! Good luck to everyone :)

  16. Noreen says:

    I would love to win

  17. Noreen says:

    would love to win, nice blog :)

  18. jem says:



  19. ann says:

    uy sali ako. hehe. :)

  20. Dingdong says:

    aba sayang ito, 2000 din yan

  21. Dingdong says:

    isa pa ! join ako, hanggang ilang beses ba ang entry, wala bang tagalog bersyon

  22. Yen says:

    $50,eh? WOW! Laki naman yata yan:D hehe Of course putting my name in the hat too! Baka swertehen ang buntis..lol

  23. BT says:

    Great one. Count me in! Thanks!

  24. Jenny M says:

    Cool- Thanks for the chance!

  25. Betsy says:

    I’m in!

  26. Briggie says:

    I’m all for helping to drive traffic to a fellow blogger, count me in!

  27. YSHA says:

    I’m IN. :)

  28. bebemiqui says:

    winning would be nice

  29. Teejay says:

    Nice. I am in. I will also try joining the contest :p

  30. Allen says:

    I would like to join too! ^_^ hehe

    (starts to hack your blog to delete all other comments… ) just kidding haha

  31. Christine says:

    Enter me, please!

  32. John Breo says:

    me too! try ko din ung sa banner contest baka swertehin. ^_^

  33. Mikko says:

    Sali ako! Weee. Bisita rin kayo sa blog ko. ;D

  34. Caryn says:

    Count me in please!

  35. Mihia says:

    Hey its not too late for me isnt it?
    Count me in plx :P

  36. Ambo says:

    Whoah! This is cool! Let me in. :-)

  37. myspace proxy list says:

    wow!!! sali po ako!!! galing nito… sali ko din ung isa kong myspace proxy list network blog

  38. Mary_Freebies says:

    Is it noon there already? Please enter me!

  39. paulette says:

    Too bad i just see the contest post just today. Im 9 days late. Better luck next time:(

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