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The New JPEG – JPEG XR – Is From Microsoft

The Joint Photographic Experts Group, those people who created the JPEG image standard has already approved the new JPEG format for images called JPEG XR – and it’s from Microsoft.

Since 2006, Microsoft has been promoting HD Photo, the image format that they would like to be the future image standard format that people will use in digital photo. Back then the format was called Windows Media Photo.

Looks like Microsoft got what it wants hen the JPEG Group announced that the new JPG format is based on their High Definition Photo format, which by the way is built into Microsoft Windows Vista.

The XR in JPEG XR stands for “extended range,” a reference to the format’s ability to show a wider and finer range of tonal gradations and a richer color palette.

Features of JPEG XR

  • Better image fidelity
  • Higher image compression efficiency
  • Flexible editing features

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