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The Man Who Killed John Lennon

Who killed John LennonLast night I got the things I bought from Ebay care of my brother who just got back from New York!

I never realized that I bought so much that it actually occupied one suitcase!

I bought those items a few months ago when there are still no Paypal payment in the Philippines.

Here’s the items I bought:

  • Beatles Complete Recordings
  • Beatles Piano Pieces
  • Gunslinger Born comics
  • Canon CD22 DVD Camcorder
  • 24 Season 1
  • Who Killed John Lennon!

So now, I’m currently reading the ‘Who Killed John Lennon‘ book. I actually read this book way back in college. Borrowed it from one of my classmate.

Impeccable timing, with all the books I’m reading right now (Stephen King’s Talisman, First Time Father’s Panic Book, blog RSSes), by December 8 (John’s 27th death anniversary) I should be able to finish it around that time. :)

3 Responses to “The Man Who Killed John Lennon”

  1. karmi says:

    good finds kuya!!

    makabili na nga rin sa ebay.. :D

  2. megan says:

    your a freak!

  3. Elizar says:

    Hi megan.. who’s the freak? Me? or “The Man who killed john lennon”? I sure hope it’s the latter. :)

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