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Google At Gas Stations Too!

Google pump gagsGoogle really wants to, dare I say it… Rule The World! Or at least leave their presence everywhere we go.

We know that Google in the leader in online search, that Google owns Feedburner, Blogger, Jaiku and others (see a list of Google Services and Application), then there’s the Google Phone (gPhone) and the latest post I shared about you guys is the Linux OS with Google Applications – the gOS.

And if that’s not enough, here’s the newest venture of Google – Google at Gas Stations!

Google Maps at Gas Stations

This is the latest project that Big Search Engine is cooking up.

Google will be giving driving directions at gasoline pumps across the United States (Philippines?, nah!). They will be starting this sometime early next month.

The gas pumps will have an internet connection enabling lost drivers (who are embarrassed of asking for directions) to search Google’s mapping service – Google earth/maps.

Users will be able to search for local landmarks like hotel in Vegas or just hotels, restaurants, hospitals etc.

The gas pump has the ability to print out the direction after the user selects his destination, the reference point of course is the gasoline station where the user is at.

This is going to be a big help, like I said, for those “who are too stubborn or embarrassed to pull over and ask someone for help”.

One Response to “Google At Gas Stations Too!”

  1. Reyn says:

    sounds like good news for me. haha. it might improve my sense of direction here

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