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The Blue Box

I remember the good old days of administering a small network of users where we share information online in a closed environment. It’s all done online and inside the company – an intranet.

Back then, an intranet server is just an old PC collecting dust in one corner of the server and installing Linux with Apache. Now there are many great product available that will provide more functionality in an intranet environment. One of which is the Blue Box.

The Blue Box

Blue Box is a web based Intranet solution for Small Business Intranet UK. The software was developed to provide a simple, low-cost yet robust and reliable file sharing and collaboration solution.

Features includes:

  • “Out of the box” intranet solution
  • Secure filesharing
  • On-line project collaboration
  • Simple day to day management
  • Controlled user access
  • Remote and home access
  • Customisable to your organisation
  • Flexible set-up and pricing options
  • Reliable support and backup

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