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Painting Without The Mess – Let’s SegPlay!

Imagine yourself painting such works of arts like the Monalisa , the Sistine Chapel or The Last Supper without lifting the brush and without the paint and without the mess and most of all enjoying every minute of it.


The Old Coloring Book

There was this art book, a coloring book, that I used to have when I was a young boy. Every child I believe goes in a stage where they learn to see things in details – sizes, colors, shapes etc.

I loved that book.

It has this outline of the picture with numbers inside the white space. A corresponding color represents each number. It was such fun!

Those were the old days…

Digital Age of Painting

Today there are Paint by Numbers for the Digital Age. Same concept, same rules, same fun only done digitally either on the PC or online in the internet. The technology is called Segmation – The Art of Pieceful Imaging . And the company that mastered the technology is SegTech.

The Company Behind SegPlayPC – SegTech

SegTech is behind this amazing product. They are composed of energetic individual who devoted their skills in developing and bringing this original scientific image-processing research into fun and creative products

SegPlayPC is the name of the program and is based on Segmation technology.

The program is very easy to use. It has a very intuitive interface that even a child will have no problem navigating it.

SegPlayPC if For You and Your Child

SegPlay is great fun for artistic kids of all ages. This is also a nice way to spend quality time with your kids. There are many Pattern Sets for SegPlayPC that your child can pick.

Enjoy every moment…

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