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Everything Eli and Pinoy Banda October 2007 Statistics

Happy November 1 to all!

And since it’s a new month, I’ll be doing again another summary of what happened on my blog (in terms of page views and visitors) for the past month of October.

All data shown here are from Google Analytics. Awstats is Ok but for me using it and having to check several blogs is time consuming. So October is the first full Google Analytics stat report.

And I wont be showing any stat for Everything Eli from now on… Well, until it reaches at least 100 daily visitors.

And since, pinoybanda is fortunate enough to have such visitors, here are its statistics:

The data shown here are from October 1 to October 31. As you can see, a total of 5,111 visits this month compared to September‘s 3,719 and August‘s 3,247.

I say all in all, it’s doing good. I only check the ‘Visits’ and the ‘Pageviews’ section. What does the Bounce Rate means anyway? Someone?

Below is the trend in graphics of the number of visits for pinoybanda.com.

Notice the little spike there near the end of month (October 29, with 250 visitors). That’s the time people are searching for the new frontman of Rivermaya – who is Jayson Fernandez by the way. – Do a quick search on ‘Jayson Fenandez’ on Google or Yahoo…

I really really like to stare at this pie graph. As you can see, more than 50% of the site’s traffic came from search engines. Cool.. It certainly helps to have a good keyword-rich domain name eh?

Compare that with Everything – Eli’s graph:

It’s like an equally divided pie… and here’s another graph for EE (everything eli)

The first spike there is the Glorietta explosion post, the others… I don’t know. :)

You know, I have the data, I’m not sure how to analyze then optimize.


That’s it… Let’s do this again next month!

3 Responses to “Everything Eli and Pinoy Banda October 2007 Statistics”

  1. Allen says:

    Hmm nice stats! If I’m not mistaken, bounce rate refers to the action done by a visitor upon landing on your site.

    For example, if a person enters via page A and then he closes his browser, that would count as one bounce.
    However, if he enters via page A, reads a few posts and closes his browser, then it would not be counted as a bounce.
    Overall, we would want the bounce rate to be as low as possible. ^_^

  2. Elizar says:

    ah, alright.. so that’s it.. thanks for the info Allen..

  3. N!cE says:

    Hi Eli! Ang cool talaga ng google analytics. I’ve installed it in my blog too.


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