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Looking For Pinay Scandals?!

no sexAre you looking for the latest pinay scandal? The most updated pinay scandal news? Pictures and videos of the hottest filipina babe?

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You do? Well you will definitely NOT find it here… Sorry.

What you will find here, however is a movement to put those real adult website out of the front page of Google search result… And put this post on page one! :D

This idea was started out by Marhgil Macuha. He always has these ideas about blogs and SEO and other cool (profitable) stuff. No prize here, but like I said the Top Place of Google search!

Here’s the list who joined the movement:

Come join us! And make the ‘pinay scandal’ websites a thing of the past.. history.. bye bye..

8 Responses to “Looking For Pinay Scandals?!”

  1. CM says:

    Dapat lang na suportahan natin yan!

  2. Dexter says:

    Thanks for joining.. Nice one

  3. palaboy says:

    hmmm magandang move to…

  4. ami says:

    lol this is genius.

  5. Mi says:

    So THIS was where I found it. I was trying to remember where I saw it because when I read it, I told myself I was also going to join… but forgot where I saw it.

    Imma gonna jo-in~

  6. Hi Eli, okay ba kita sa commission junction?

  7. This a great way to rob those bloggers that earn while exposing scandals on the web.. and ruining our womens integrity… thank you for your suppot on this project..

  8. Monina Lao says:

    Yes I support!!! ^__^

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