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Bye Bye Auction Ads… Hello Text Links Ads

bye bye

Bye Bye Auction Ads

In my Auction Ads update post, I mentioned there that I will be removing my Auction Ad ads (? tama ba?) on my sidebar, which I did. All you can see now are some infos and small logos together with some of my other ‘blog money maker’.

Why did I remove it? Well, no one’s clicking it for one thing. Another is, even if they do click the ads, what are the chances that they would buy it? Not counting the $25 bonus (yes you get a $25 bonus if you sign up!), I’ve made $0 dollar so far.

So off it goes.

Text Links Ads

As of the moment, I prefer TLA than Auction Ads. Though I haven’t received any payment yet from TLA yet, I actually have been making a little money, change/barya you may call it, from them.

Wow! $5 a month!! Filthy rich!

Apparently, I joined Text Links Ads some time last May (or earlier) and managed to sell one link (from May up to September). And another one this October (though not yet shown). (These are the misalign text links under the Cool Links section of my sidebar. )

So Why Text Links Ads?


That’s an email I received yesterday (or day before yesterday). That’s for the month of October! And since there are 2 links in there, October (and so forth) earning will be bigger…

12 dollars is 12 dollars.. laman tyan din yan.. hehe.. If you want one you can also register and start selling links.. Who knows, Google might drop the bomb on us too…

5 Responses to “Bye Bye Auction Ads… Hello Text Links Ads”

  1. marhgil says:

    sa akin, wala pa ring bumibili ng link dyan sa TLA. swerte lang sa referral, made $25 this month, isang referral. :)

  2. Reyn says:

    Something to ponder Kuya, is linking to this site in any way being beneficial to your site’s ranking? Or whatever effect does it have? Don’t you think you should be compensated at another amount, etc?

  3. Mi says:

    I think my brain has deteriorated. I’ve signed up for TLA and have been approved but for some reason I can’t figure out HOW to put the links on my blog T_T help po please

    @Reyn linking to this site IS beneficial. Think of it as brownie points in heaven, with regard to Google Page Rank.

  4. Elizar says:

    (I wish you sign up from my affiliate link.. :D)

    Anyway, all you have to do is log in to your account and click on the ‘install code’ then ‘Get Ad Code’ link, then follow the direction there..

    you can either get the widgetinsert a code on your sidebar AFTER you install the wordpress plugin for TLA.

    make sure you’d added your site in the TLA listings.. para makita ka ng mga advertisers…

    And your done…

  5. Mi says:

    I already installed the plugin.. >_

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