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Everything Eli Will Give Away $50 in Cold Cash!! Sort Of…

Everything Eli To Give away $50Yes, you can win $50! Not in cash pala, but in cold cold paypal money! You get as much as $50 in an instant if you win! :)

The very good thing about Paypal in the Philippines is that you can now easily send money with just a click of a mouse!

And now, Everything Eli will take advantage of it and will give away some to my feed subscribers, to my blogmates or to the blog community!

More detail after the jump…

It’s all contest here till Christmas boys and girls.. This is related to Pinoybanda‘s contest!

All the rules and mechanics will be posted soon! So if you’re interested to join (and I hope you do) visit the blog regularly for updates or subscribe to my feeds! Wait, here’s the best way, I can send you an email update by clicking here.

Spread the good news and tell all you’re friends, ayt? This is the power of blogs.. no need for any imprinted promotional products to spread the world…
Good bless!

11 Responses to “Everything Eli Will Give Away $50 in Cold Cash!! Sort Of…”

  1. Reyn says:

    naku! ang sosyal ni Kuya! pera talaga $$$

  2. fionixe says:

    talagang may pa mysterious epeks? ^_^

  3. jhanok says:

    wow!?to the highest level na tlaga ang lolo ko.hehehe

  4. Yen says:

    Great contest:) I’ll see if may time pa ako..hehe:D Thanks for dropping by btw!

  5. N!cE says:

    Uy may pacontest si kuya Eli….Exciting!

  6. Mitch says:

    Got here through Amore!

  7. palaboy says:

    sana mag click ito… hehehehe…. ^_^ 50 bucks is 50 bucks… all you have to do is subscribe and with some luck… wolla! You get 50 bucks instant cash… ^_^

  8. McBilly says:

    Wow. It’s not everyday we have $50 up for grabs. :mrgreen:

    I’m looking forward for this. hi hi hi

  9. charles says:

    50 bucks? I’ve just subscribed to your feed. :)

  10. Dexter says:

    Astig ah.. PHP 2500 pesoses na yan ah.. Good luck

  11. Mi says:

    sadly, that would only be about 2200. But who cares.

    I’ll jump in and subscribe :P

    thank you for visiting my site as well.

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