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King Of The Phones… Nokia!

Nokia is like the Coke of soft drinks, the Colgate of toothpastes or the SM of malls… :) Nokia remains the king of the cell phone world with super huge sales of 111.7 million devices in the third quarter!

Top Mobile Phone Companies

Here is the list of the top mobile phone companies with their global market share on the second column and units sold on the third quarter on the third column.

Nokia – 38.6% – 111.7 million
Samsung – 14.7%
Motorola – 12.9% – 37.2 million
Sony Ericsson – 9%
LG – 7.6% – 21.9 million

According to the IDC report, Motorola was de-thrown from the number 2 spot by Samsung because of their Ultra Edition handsets. Motorola was number 2 during the second quarter with their Razr2 model phones.

Sony Ericsson is a big name here in the Philippines but a small one in North America. Nevertheless it held onto the No. 4 spot with a market share of 9 percent.

Now, where’s the people who makes the XDA phones?

2 Responses to “King Of The Phones… Nokia!”

  1. pam says:

    i think that was predictable! hehe! :) but i think motorola is still good as well. :D

  2. jhanok says:

    hehehe ala XDA

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