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The New Frontman of Rivermaya – Jayson Fernandez

Rivermaya Bagong Liwanag

The reality TV show that has been airing on Studio 23 for a couple of weeks now will end this Sunday, October 28, 2005!

Go watch the 2 hour grand finals for the search of Rivermaya’s new front man at Studio 23, 9:15pm (Geezz, that’s tonight!!)

Of course if you’ve been in Pinoy Banda, you probably know that the winner is Jayson Fernandez.

Congrats dude, whoever you are.. I’m sure you’ll create a name of your own.

5 Responses to “The New Frontman of Rivermaya – Jayson Fernandez”

  1. pam says:


    indeed. its rivermaya eh. goodluck to them! :)

  2. Elizar says:

    but don’t you miss rico pam?

  3. jhanok says:

    what happen to rico blanco?~obviously i’m not updated with about.lolz~

    but goodluck to rivermaya

  4. Elizar says:

    hehehe, nice diane! :D

  5. kriemhild says:

    grabe 1st tym ko narinig mag perform c jason ang galing talaga… kuhang kuha nya ang performance ni rico balanco…

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