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iPhone Killer Is A Penguin: The OpenMoko Neo1973

Anti Iphone. Iphone KIllerYou’ve probably heard that recently Apple will offer a software development kit for the iPhone next February. That means that there will be more application that will come out for the iPhone since many developer and sysads will surely get their hands dirty creating iPhone programs.

Why Give Out iPhone’s Secret?

This is a good move for Apple because of that kid who managed to hacked the supposedly uncrackable next gen phone. Apple probably think, that by doing so will make iPhone more sale able and lives longer.

And then comes the iPhone killerLinux powered Neo1973.

The Futute iPhone Killer

Neo1973 is being developed by OpenMoko project, a group working to create a fully open source software platform for smartphones and PDAs. It is the first piece of phone hardware that uses the open source OpenMoko software platform.

And just like my not_so_new XDA Zinc, the Neo1973 has an address book, an RSS reader and a media player and probably the hacker’s favorite – a Linux command line. I wonder if the Neo has this cell phone booster capability?

Getting There…

Although it is still in development and may still take a while for public use, it has been successfully installed and run on different smartphone hardware including Treos, Motorolas and possibly others.

Being a linux advocate (and open source in general), the thing to note here is it is powered by Linux! Yeah baby!

2 Responses to “iPhone Killer Is A Penguin: The OpenMoko Neo1973”

  1. Reyn says:

    I don’t think so Kuya.. the only thing that would kill an apple iphone is another iphone (of a higher version). It’s the name and not really the function that people care for and the ability to flaunt it. Haha. Seriously, I so pity the iPhones here. They are so in the wrong hands. Some of my classmates just buy it because it’s ipod+fone+wifi and the fone remains fully under utilized. Unless the Penguin can overhype itself, it would not match the iPhone’s success.

  2. Elizar says:

    I read this morning that Nokia has a phone dubbed too as the ‘iphone killer’.. If I’m not mistaken, it’s N81 something.

    LEt’s wait and see…

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