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Criminal Defense Lawyer

Here’s a quick post for a few cents, like the ‘my 2 cents’ thing.

Have you been reading the news lately? International news? Like I said from my previous post, having a mobile news reader can make you updated with the things happening around the globe.

Anyway, there’s this news about a man who’s just been released from prison fro sexually molesting a 15-year old girl in some party. The suspect is, then a 17-year old student. He’s been sentenced for prison for many years. Just this week, he’s been released from custody.

Also there’s another one caught having sexual act on a men’s rest room with a life size biologically correct plastic doll. He was sentenced in prison for a misdemeanor.

These are just an example cases that the Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys | California Felony Misdemeanor DUI Lawyers can handle.

I just thought could take this post since my brother will be starting a career as a (defense) lawyer… or probably some corporate lawyer who just get fat in some office. :)

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