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PageRank Up One Notch

Google PageRank While everybody is wining and complaining and confused and bewildered, some don’t give shit that their page rank went down, (Some still see the brighter side) but mine went up one point (so is McBilly’s)! Well, actually Google still owes me one more, since last July my PR was 4.

Whatever this new Google algorithm is, I hope its for the better.

I am guilty of doing sponsored post, sure, but there are many bloggers who do not sell links but still got penalized. New algorithm or not, it’s still not clear to our fellow internet-citizen.

Update: Hey, 5-month old blog, Pinoybanda also got updated… From PR0 to PR3 … weird *wink*

5 Responses to “PageRank Up One Notch”

  1. McBilly says:

    I’m glad to hear that your PR has increased too! It’s been the buzz of the internet. Hehe. By the way, ProBlogger got his PR 6 back. It seems Google thought he was selling links in his site which got him a penalty. ^^

  2. Reyn says:

    congrats Kuya! ^-^

  3. Elizar says:

    geez, thanks Reyn.. *blush*

  4. N!cE says:

    Hi eli! Congratulations. You must be really happy.


  5. palaboy says:

    Wehhheee…. Google gave me PR3 from PR0…. Buzz around the net says that Google slapped those who sell paid links… mine was slapped with PR3…

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