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Me and Matt in Angat, Bulacan

Sta Monica Church (?), Angat, Bulacan
Hope I get away with this post just like John Chow gets away with his fine dining posts. :)Cool title. Sounds like Angat, Bulacan is in some faraway place where tourists come and visit and take pictures all day long.Well, it’s not. It’s a 5 minute drive away from my home town – Norzagaray, Bulacan.

My wife, Lois was about to cook lunch the other day (yesterday?) when she noticed that she’s short of some veggies for the caserole. :) Off we go to Angat, “the nearest public Market” in Norzagaray. It’s not that ‘garay doesn’t have its own market, its just that…. well, it’s far. Long story…. anyway…

Here are some pictures taken while Matt and I were waiting in the car while Lois is in the market buying baby clothes and groceries.

The first one is Angat’s Municipal Hall. Which reminds me, we also went to Digitel Telecom and inquire for a DSL connection.Second picture is, again the church. There rest of the pictures are again the church with me and Matthew! Hey, pictures are taken using the Xda Zinc thing….

4 Responses to “Me and Matt in Angat, Bulacan”

  1. pam says:

    ang ganda naman. :) napaka-historical nung lugar. hehe! nice! :)

  2. rHo says:

    ang ganda naman dyan!!! :) thanks for sharing the pictures!
    kamusta ka na pala kuya?! ingatz lagi pati na rin ang buong family! God bless po…

  3. derek says:

    nice pictures eli! ganda ng shot mo sa simbahan

  4. jhanok says:

    wow!feeling turista!hahaha

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